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on Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:34 pm
Yutugakure, or the hidden rabbit village is an alchemist village hidden from the major populace, its secretive nature has earned it the pseudonym "The rabbit from a hat village," this is often said jokingly or in a mildly derogatory manner, referencing the villages unusual and seemingly fake 'magic.' The Alchemists of Yutu work with runes and alchemy rather than with actual jutsu. While comparable in many ways, the main difference is that runework is fueled by natural energy, and triggered by chakra, and as the runes are inscribed, they are reusable and can be used as quickly as the alchemist can build the necessary, but ultimately low, chakra cost. However, without the runes, such as if they are lost or destroyed, the alchemist is virtually defenseless. There are, however, alternatives to runework that the alchemist can use. Alchemy can be used to create potions, poisons, incense, salves, etc... that can enhance the alchemist natural abilities, or prove detrimental to opponents. Alchemists can use transmutation, in which the feed their chakra into an object or objects to change its physical properties at will, unlike runework, transmutation relies solely on their personal stores of chakra. Alchemist may also take a more permanent approach to enhancing their natural abilities, or even granting a few unnatural ones, by means of science, such as splicing and grafting.
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