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Additional Training (#1)

on Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:45 pm
A tall, pale man stands in the training hall, leaning stiffly against the wall, his tired eyes staring coldly into nothingness. Iki enters, followed by several students, "Oh, Budonoki, I didn't know you were going to be the instructor this year," he says with both pleasure and surprise. The pale man shifts his head towards the entrance, a series of cracks and pops are heard as he moves, "I had some free time," he replies with a slight nod and a few more cracks. Several of the students glance at each other with concern, in part due to the sounds coming from their new teacher, but also as to whether such a frail man could adequately teach much of anything. Budonoki takes a deep breath, and begins shifting his whole body, moving each joint in a continuous and fluid motion. After the first few rotations the popping finally stops, though he keeps up with the motion, "It seems these children doubt my ability, would you care to help with a demonstration Iki?" He asks motioning Iki up to the mat. Iki grins, "Oh, but of course Senpai," he responds with a smirk as he approaches. The two then motion for the class to take a seat.
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