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Water Release

on Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:00 am
Water is one of the basic natures and allows the manipulation of water.

Water Prison Shark Dance - contains a large field of water in a sphere that moves with the user, keeping them at the center.
Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave - the user spits a large volume of water from their mouth, creating a massive tidal wave.
Great Shark Bullet - forms a large shark from water that is then launched at the target, it boosts its own power with chakra absorbed from incoming jutsu.
Great Waterfall - draws a massive amount of water up several dozens of meters high and streaming it down like a massive waterfall.
One Thousand Feeding Sharks - creates a massive wave made of sharks that are made of water.
Dustless Bewildering Cover - uses water vapor in the air to bend light around the target, or user, rendering them undetectable by sight.
Exploding Water Colliding Wave - the user spits a large volume of water from their mouth, creating a tidal wave.
Five Feeding Sharks - the user creates five sharks from water that then circle the target at high speeds, trapping the min a vortex and devour them
Water Dragon Bullet - forms a dragon from water to attack the target with great force.
Water Fang Bullet - forms a spiraling horn-like formation from water, to attack the target.
Water Formation Wall - forms a defensive wall of water around the user.
Water Needle - the user shapes water into needles that are then launched at the target.
Water Shark Bullet - creates a shark from water that can swim at high speeds and attack with its razor sharp teeth
Gunshot - the user condenses water to form and fire a projectile from their mouth
Starch Syrup Capture Field - the user spews forth a stream high viscosity water to cover an area with a sticky adhesive.
Water Clone - creates a replica of the user that reverts to water when struck with sufficient force.
Water Prison - creates a sphere of water around a target so long as the user remains in contact with the sphere.
Waterfall Basin - creates a waterfall by drawing up a spring in an area without a natural water source.
Wild Bubble Wave - the user spews forth a forceful stream of foam-like bubbles, that cover the ground and reduce friction.
Wild Water Wave - the user spews a forceful stream of water from their mouth
Hiding in the Mist - brings forth a mist, the density of which is controlled by the user.
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