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Kekkei Mora Clans

on Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:43 pm
Kekkei Mora clans are those with advanced bloodline techniques.

Doku - The Doku clan is capable of opening portals to six dimensions.
Hyuga - The Hyuga clan possesses a powerful dojutsu known as Byakugan, and its advanced form the Tenseigan.
Kaguya - The Kaguya clan is capable of controlling the growth of their bones, and an advanced form allows them to regrow bones that have been completely lost.
Otsutsuki - The Otsutsuki clan has a powerful dojutsu known as Rinnegan.
Uchiha - The Uchiha clan has a powerful dojutsu known as Sharingan, and its advanced form the Mangekyou

Cromwell - The Cromwell clan is a legacy clan, branched from Kaguya, that developed a branch transformation of the water nature allowing them to manipulate blood in addition to their bone manipulation.
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