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on Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:14 pm
Hiden clans are those with secret clan techniques passed down through training, and though they are kept closely guarded they can be taught to ninja of other clans.

Aburame - The Aburame clan utilizes chakra devouring insects, giving up their charka to the swarm in order to control them.
Akimichi - The Akimichi clan utilizes specially designed soldier pills to instantly metabolize all their fat, turning it into chakra.
Amagiri - The Amagiri clan focuses on poison style techniques and raise poisonous insects that burst when killed, releasing a cloud of toxins.
Godai - The Godai clans foregoes the learning and development of jutsu to focus on perfecting the art of shape transformation, and in doing so they claim the purest form of Elemental transformation, bending the element itself to their whim.
Hirasaka - The Hirasaka clan specializes in genjutsu that create confusion within the enemy ranks, and dispersion seals that dispel the confusion.
Inuzuko - The Inuzuka clan train alongside ninken, and specialize in combination jutsu.
Inochi - The Inochi clan developed advanced medical techniques, include the life transfer jutsu.
Isshun - The Isshun clan developed a kinjutsu that allows the user to knead chakra into objects via their mouth, and forms mouths on their palms and chest to better utilize the technique.
Jiongu - The Jiongu clan developed a kinjutsu that allows the user to produce a multitude of black threads that can reattach lost body parts, as well as obtain new ones.
Kamizuru - The Kamizuru clan raises bees and trains their chakra to mimic the signals of a queen bee's hormones in order to control the swarms.
Kazahana - The Kazahana clan developed a method of kneading their chakra and converting it into light.
Kazu - The Kazu clan developed a kinjutsu that allows the absorption, combination and release of living organisms and their genetic traits.
Kedoin - The Kedoin clan specialize in transformation techniques, incapable of being detected even by a ninken sense of smell.
Kikanbo - The Kikanbo clan (also a kekkei tota) utilizes a branch of the lightning nature, black lightning.
Kodon - The Kodon clan developed a unique method of refinement of saigenzai capable of turning it into a potent medicine called kotaro.
Kumanoi - The Kumanoi clan developed the explosive blue fire powder from mineral they mine.
Nara - The Nara clan focuses their charka into shadows to manipulate them.
Shiin - The Shiin clan focuses their chakra through music to affect those who hear it.
Shikei - The Shikei clan created a kinjutsu that allows them to absorb the chakra and soul from a target, granting them control of the target's jutsu, nature affinity, bloodline, and body; though they can only control one body at a time, with extras often kept sealed in a scroll.
Shirogane - The Shirogane clan specializes in the use of puppets.
Tenro - The Tenro clan specializes in taijutsu, and combat based transformation techniques that take on animal-like traits.
Tsuchigumo - The Tsuchigumo clan specializes in the use and destructive release of natural energy.
Yamanaka - The Yamanaka clan specializes in mind and soul related techniques.
Yota - The Yota clan specializes in the manipulation and control of weather patterns.
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