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Academy Class (#1)

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:49 pm
A short young man sits on the table in the front of the classroom, "Good morning class, today we will be having the graduation exam, those of you who wish to proceed may head through the door at the back of the class room behind you, those wanting some additional training may head out to the training hall to meet up with Takeko." He says, his voice as cold and emotionless as his gaze; he then hops off the table and proceed to the back of the room. "This way please," he says as he holds the door open for the students wishing to forego the extra training.
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Re: Academy Class (#1)

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:59 pm
Shoto stands and makes his way out into the hall where he is joined by his siblings Daito and Tomoe, the three of them then make their way down to the training hall. "I didn't know Auntie Keko was teaching this training, this is going to be even more fun than that time Granny Ginchi took us to Yukigakure!" Daito says. Tomoe rolls her eyes, "You know Ginchiyo-Oba-Sama doesn't like being called 'Granny,' she's not that old." she says. "And besides, she isn't even our granny, she's Keko's older sister." Shoto adds. Daito dismisses their responses with a wave of his hand "anyway, with Keko teaching we're a shoo-in." Shoto and Tomoe glance at each other, "Has he even met Keko-Oba-San?" Tomoe asks. Shoto shrugs "Knowing her, Auntie Keko's going to be even tougher on us since we're family." he reply's as the three continue on to the training hall.
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