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on Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:28 pm
Kemurigakure, The Hidden Smoke Village, is a small ninja village in the Land of Mountains, a small mountainous country. Kemuri is the home to a group called the Kemuri Order, based in the Temple of the Ethereal Sage in the villages center. The group utilizes Eteru-Ryoko Style, a pseudo-nature that manipulates the flow of energy around and through the user; as well as a wide variety kenjutsu designed for the use of chakra blades. These blades consist of wooden hilts made from trees raised on various forms of chakra, designed to focus the chakra of the wielder into a blade with effects gained from the kind of chakra the tree was raised on. Crystals and other such items can be inserted to attune the blade to the wielder. Members of the Kurosuki clan often make their own chakra blades by crystalizing their own chakra into weapon form, though these have fallen out of mainstream use due to the fact that their construction relies on the appearance of a kekkei genkai, despite this they are still fairly common among Kurosuki clan members. The rest of the village makes use of smoke in many of their jutsu, often combining the smoke with their own natures to a variety of effects.
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