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on Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:40 am
A Young man stands at the front of the room, facing his students. He adjusts his forehead protector, shifting it up and out of his eyes before addressing the class. "Good morning class, it seems that for many of you, your time here will soon come to an end." He clears his throat then continues, "Today you will have the opportunity to take the graduation exam, alternatively you may also choose to receive more training before taking the exam." He holds up his hand indicating for the class to wait as he has more to say, then coughs into his sleeve, "For those of you who wish to take the exam now, you may stay here, the actual exam will be held in the exam room behind me. Those who wish to receive more training may follow Iki down to the Training Hall..." He coughs a bit, as if choking, but quickly recovers, "Excuse me... For now, class is dismissed"

Another young man stands in the doorway, "I know it's the last day of class Imo, but you really shouldn't get so choked up about it. After all it's not like you'll never see them again." he says with a smirk, scratching at the bandages covering his right eye. He then turns his attention to the class, "This way to the Training Hall." he adds before heading down the hallway.

Imo shakes his head, chuckling to himself, "For those of you taking the exam now, you will be called in one at a time." he says then walks back into the exam room.
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