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Jutsu Template Empty Jutsu Template

on Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:25 pm
If you're looking to make your own techniques this template will aid in providing the necessary information and the guidelines for ranking.


Cost: ()
Range: ()

the name of the technique, typically this should be either descriptive or symbolic.

for chakra natures see: Getting Started > Character Creation > Nature Transformation

Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuinjutsu, Juinjutsu, Kinjutsu, etc...

Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, etc...

S ranked jutsu use one hundred chakra
A ranked jutsu use eighty chakra
B ranked jutsu use sixty chakra
C ranked jutsu use forty chakra
D ranked jutsu use twenty chakra
E ranked jutsu use ten chakra
F ranked jutsu use zero chakra

Immediate (contact-0 m), Short (0-5 m), Medium (5-10 m), Long (10+ m), All

is determined by the level of difficulty in performing the technique, example of thing that increase difficulty: Any nature transformation beyond yin and yang, high level shape manipulation (such as found in rasengan), multiple nature transformation (such as combination and advanced natures), chakra control (such as that of medical techniques), advancement (such as fire ball to great fireball), etc... Each of these will be considered a point, points increase rank according the following:

S - 10
A - 8
B - 6
C - 4
D - 2
E - 0

Exceptions to this include:
- Any advancement automatically increases the rank by at least one, even if he points would keep it the same rank
- Multiple natures will increase it by one point per nature used
- Depending on difficulty, shape manipulation and chakra control can increase the points by more than one.

Currently ranked jutsu will be altered to fit into this template, even if it goes against the canon.

an explanation of the jutsu, what it does, how it works, hand seals, etc...
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