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Yin Release

on Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:29 pm
Yin is one of the basic natures, it governs imagination and gives shape to nothingness. Most, if not all, genjutsu fall under Yin.


Bringer of Darkness - a powerful genjutsu that robs the target of their sight.
Temple of Nirvana - a powerful genjutsu that causes those affected to be lulled to sleep by a rain of feathers.
Phantom Sound Chains - an auditory genjutsu that binds and immobilizes the target and feeds them morbid imagery of dismemberment.
Revolt of the Demon World - creates multi-mouthed, worm-like creatures comprised almost completely out of yin chakra that feed on yang chakra to stabilize themselves.
Steaming Multistoried Building - a genjutsu that effects multiple senses, disguising the location of the user from any targets caught within.
Tree Binding Death - a genjutsu designed to simulate wood release techniques by ensaring them in a fast growing tree.
False Surroundings - a visual genjutsu applied to an area that causes those who enter its boundaries to see alternate surroundings.
Sly Mind Affect - a genjutsu that alters the targets perception of direction
Hell Viewing - a genjutsu that causes the target to see their worst fears come to life.
Mist Servant - creates a replica of the user that multiplies when hit instead of dissipating, unlike most cloning jutsu these replicas do not necessarily resemble the user.
Clone - creates a replica of the user, this replica does not cast a shadow, nor does it affect its surroundings.
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