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Lightning Release

on Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:03 pm
Lightning is one of the basic natures, and allows the creation and manipulation lightning.

Kirin - the user draws lightning down from thunder clouds, shaping it into the form of a kirin, and guiding it to the target.
Lightning Cutter - the user focuses lightning natured chakra in their hand to an extent great enough to slice through a bolt of lightning.
Body Pathway Derangement - the user converts their chakra into electricity and pours it into their target, short-circuiting their nervous system.
Chidori - the user concentrates lightning natured chakra in their hand, becoming both visible and audible.
Chidori Current - the user expels lightning natured chakra from all over their body, attackin anyone who gets too close.
Chidori Senbon - the user shapes concentrated, lightning natured chakra into needles which are then launched at a target or targets at incredible speed.
Chidori Spear - the user shapes concentrated, lightning natured chakra into a long spear or blade to attack at a distance of up to five meters.
Lightning Clone - generates replicas of the user that revert into a powerful electrical discharge when injured.
Chidori Blade - the user focuses lightning natured chakra through a blade, greatly increasing its sharpness
False Darkness - the user releases a spear shaped bolt of lightning from their mouth
Lightning Chakra Mode - the user engulfs themselves in lightning natured chakra, enhancing their nervous system, and destructive power.
Lightning Beast Tracking Fang - the user gathers lightning natured chakra in the form of a hound that remains tethered to the users hand, allowing them to control it.

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