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on Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:20 pm
Name: Kagayaki Kazahana
Title: Village Head
Clan: Kazahana
Bloodline: None
Village: Yukigakure

Kagayaki runs the Hidden Snow village,  protecting the lands borders with his signature combination of ice and light. While he prefers to use ice to power his techniques, he has been known to use crystals to achieve the same effect if the situation would cause the ice to melt or break. In addition to his ice, crystals and light, he is also quite skilled in earth, water, wind, and has been known to use branch elements of ice, such as frost and snow. He created  the Six Dazzling Petals of Camellia, the barrier that now protects his village.

Name: Toketsuko Yuki
Title: ANBU Commander
Clan: Yuki
Bloodline: Active
Village: Yukigakure

Toketsuko is a prodigy among the snow village reaching his position of ANBU Comander by the age of twelve, and while he still bears his youthful appearance, he insists that was more than a few years ago. Hailing from the Yuki clan his talent with water techniques is unsurpassed, as is his ability with ice. He is one of three ANBU Commanders of Yuki, who each report directly to Kagayaki. Due to his bloodline, he is able to use an advanced form of ice, known as Crystal Ice.
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