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Game Rules Left_bar_bleue100/100Game Rules Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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on Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:12 pm
Game Rules are as follows:
Keep in character when posting in 'in-game' areas, basically anything below 'Bucket'
Be creative, be fun, try to flourish with your words. Saying "I attack the guy with the thing" isn't fun to read.
No God-Modding, you can't control your targets, you don't get to choose if your attacks hit, though you can choose if your attacks miss.
On the Flip-Side, while dodging attacks is fine, keep it realistic, Very few people can dodge a Chidori at point blank range.
If a moderator or administrator tells you Out-of-character that something succeeds or fails, it's not a suggestion.
You can message them an explanation of why you think it should have worked or not worked, but if they stand by their decision it is final.
Keep track of your chakra, ammo, etc... while moderators and administrators will tell you if you try to use something you don't have, things will flow more smoothly if you don't have to be reminded.
Don't bring in outside information, if your character has no reason to know something, they don't know it.
Have fun, this is a game.
Rules are subject to change on a whim, but for the most part these are common sense.
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