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Sound Village

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:40 am
Name: Hogo Shaumi
Title: Village Head
Clan: Shaumi
Bloodline: None
Village: Otogakure

Hogo has led the hidden sound village for about twenty years, and was and ANBU commander for another ten years before that. He plays the shakuhachi and uses it as a medium for his jutsu.

Name: Baizo Hekomi
Title: Anbu Commander
Clan: Hekomi
Bloodline: None
Village: Otogakure

Baizo took over as one of the three ANBU commanders about twenty years ago, when Hogo was chosen to be the Village Head. He plays the Koto, utilizing it to perform his jutsu. Baizo's eyes are completely black due to and injury received in training, though this has had no effect on his eye sight. He carries a scroll on his back sealed with the kanji for 'Eighty Eight.'

Name: Soba Udon
Title: ANBU Commander
Clan: Tenbin
Bloodline: Active
Village: Otogakure

At only Thirteen, Soba is the youngest ANBU Commander in recorded history, at least in the hidden sound village. She is highly skilled in Taijutsu, and due to her bloodline she is also naturally gifted in Ninjutsu and Senjutsu. She plays the Shamisen, and uses it as a medium for her jutsu.

Name: Akiga Kurama
Title: ANBU Commander
Clan: Kurama
Bloodline: Active
Village: Otogakure

Akiga is one of three commanders of the ANBU, working with Soba and Baizo alongside Hogo. Like many in his clan, he specializes in taijutsu, though his bloodline makes him well versed in genjutsu as well. He plays the Taiko, and uses it as a medium for his jutsu.
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