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Kekkei Tota Clans

on Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:38 pm
Kekkei Tota Clans are those with an inherited persuasion towards a specific genetic traits that allow their clan jutsu to be performed. They differ from Hiden in that the base trait is inherited like a kekkei Genkai, but unlike a kekkei genkai the techniques can be taught to those who share the proper traits.

Darune, Kesshou, Sarutobi - These clans specialize in the earth nature and its combinations.
Hagoromo - The Hagoromo clan specializes in yin and yang nature and its combinations.
Kikanbo, Konjiki - These clans specialize in the lightning nature and its combinations.
Ryuchi - The Ryuchi clan are able to stretch and bend their bodies far beyond that of the average ninja and bear pale complexion and serpentine eyes.
Satetsu, Uesugi - The Satetsu clan specializes in the wind nature and its combinations.
Senju, Yuki - These clans specialize in the water nature and its combinations.
Terumi - The Terumi clan specializes in the fire element and its combinations.

Kurosuki - The Kurosuki clan is a legacy clan able to resonate their own chakra with the natural energy around them, giving them a near limitless chakra supply, they are aslo able to solidify their chakra, often to create weapons.

Other clans utilizes these techniques due to similar nature persuasions,  though those will be added when I feel like it.
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